Double Cheese Fondue

2 cans (11 ounces each) condensed Cheddar cheese soup
1/4 cup dry white wine or apple juice
2 cups shredded Swiss or Cheddar cheese (8 ounces)
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
Dash of red pepper sauce
4 medium green onions, finely chopped (1/4 cup)
Vegetable Dippers (below), if desired
Bite-size pieces French bread, if desired

Heat soup, wine and cheese in 2-quart saucepan or chafing dish over medium
heat, stirring occasionally, until cheese is melted. Stir in garlic powder,
pepper sauce and onions. Pour into fondue pot or chafing dish to keep warm.

Spear Vegetable Dippers and bread pieces with fondue forks; dip into
fondue. (If fondue becomes too thick, stir in a small amount of dry white
wine or apple juice.)

*Vegetable Dippers*
Bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Pimiento-stuffed olives

Cut vegetables into bite-size pieces.

Note: Leftover fondue? Thin it with a little milk to turn it into a
delicious soup! Top servings with croutons, and serve with apple and pear

Makes 8 servings

This recipe courtesy of Back of the Box Recipes. Home Page

This recipe displayed with permission from General Mills, Inc.