Easter Eggs

Creating beautiful and colorful eggs is a rewarding and fun
activity for families to do together. When you use McCormick®
Food Colors & Egg Dye you can blend your own favorite colors
or use our suggestions for jade, raspberry or watermelon.

Prep: 30 min - Cook: 25 min
Makes 12 colored eggs

1 dozen large eggs
1 package McCormick® Assorted Food Colors & Egg Dye

1. Gently place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan. Add enough
cold water to cover eggs with 1 inch of water. Cover pan and bring
just to a boil, over high heat. Remove from heat and let stand about
15 mins. (Adjust time up or down by 3 mins. for each size larger or

2. After 15 min. pour off the hot water and rapidly cool eggs by
running them under cold water (or place in ice water) until
completely cooled.

3. Combine 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon vinegar and specified
number of food color drops, listed below, in a cup to achieve
desired colors. Repeat for each color. Dip hard-cooked eggs in dye
for about 5 minutes. Use a slotted spoon, wire egg holder or tongs
to add and remove eggs from dye. Allow eggs to dry.

Makes 12 colored eggs

Color Suggestions: Lime: 24 yellow, 4 green; Purple: 15 blue, 5 red;
Cantaloupe: 24 yellow, 2 red; Jade: 17 green, 3 blue; Plum: 10 red,
4 blue; Raspberry: 14 red, 6 blue; Watermelon: 25 red, 2 blue;
Teal: 15 green, 5 blue; Fuchsia: 18 red, 2 blue; Spearmint: 12 green,
6 yellow, 2 blue; Maize: 24 yellow, 1 red; Grape: 17 blue, 4 red;
Orange Sunset: 17 yellow, 3 red; Jungle Green: 14 green, 6 yellow.

Two-tone: Dip top half of hard-cooked egg in 1 color and the
bottom half in another.

Painting eggs: Combine 20 drops food color and 1/2 tsp. vinegar
in small container. Paint hard-cooked eggs with a paintbrush or
cotton swab.

Designing eggs: Place rubber bands, stickers, or reinforcements
on the egg before dyeing to create the design of choice. Once dry,
remove the rubber bands, etc., to view the design.

Personalize eggs: Write names or draw pictures on the egg with
a white or light colored crayon before dyeing.


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